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The Board is excited to announce the start of our painting project which includes painting the fences, trim and fascia board. The process will take approximately 10 months to complete depending on the weather. Because the Association loan was paid off early, the Board has adjusted the current reserve expenditures to accommodate one of our Reserve Study’s recommendations. 


Those who have Pergolas will be responsible for repairs and paint. Our contractor Gerlund Builders will be by to inspect your pergola and advise you of any repairs that are needed. You will have 30 days to repair and paint your pergola to match the Association new color. If you would like Gerlund Builders to paint for you the cost is $300, payable to the Association within 30 days of your building getting painted.


Front Doors will also be painted and it will be your responsibility to be home or have someone there to keep the door open for at least 2 hours, otherwise the doors will be painted shut and you will have a trim line around the door.


Custom Doors will not be painted if a stain has been applied. Contact the office for paint color or you can ask our contractor to give you a quote to paint.

We are working in zones and you can go to our website to see the map of locations and notified in advance by our contractor as when your start date will be. In advance of the painting, our Landscaping Team will be trimming bushes and vines around gates and fences. Also, one of our other contractors, John Rozelle will be repairing stucco, fences and gates.

Dunn Edwards "Evershield Flat Color - Tea Bag

Please sign and return the bottom to the office if you would like your pergola painted.



Name: ________________________________________________________


Address: _______________________________________________________


Phone: ________________________________________________________


Email: _________________________________________________________


Signature: ______________________________________________________


By singing this document you agree to pay the Association $300 to paint

The above address pergola within 30 days of the above address getting painted.

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